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 NOTE: Due to current work load and the time needed to properly process Independent Study CEEUs, we are not accepting new requests as of 2/1/24. Thank you for your patience! 

Independent Study


The Independent Study is designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals who desire an alternative to traditional instructional activities. With the guidance of a Sponsor, participants can undertake a self-designed educational experience for the enhancement of skill and knowledge in a specific area. Under the direction of a Sponsor, individuals may design an Independent Study Activity around many of their professional activities. However, Independent Study credit may not come from participants’ routine employment responsibilities.


The following are possible Independent Study Options:



A participant may conduct original research

Course Instruction

A participant may develop and present information (a speech, workshop, short course and teleconference) and receive Independent Study CEUs for the development and presentation. These two activities are not mutually exclusive; participants may earn CEUs for either or both the development and presentation. Credit will be given only once during the cycle for each activity presented


Participant may write materials for publication (VIEWS, journals, books)

Group Study/Book Study

A participant may meet with one or more persons at specified times to discuss topics related to the goals and objectives stated in the Activity Plan

Multi Media Instruction

A participant may independently review video and write a critical review and/or complete a questionnaire demonstrating an understanding of the presented materials


A participant may engage in a focused learning relationship with pre-approved goals and learning outcomes. CEUs may be awarded to both participants in the mentorship relationship. However, great care should be given to identify the learning the mentor (target of the Independent Study) will achieve. The Independent Study, if written for the mentor, will only consider the knowledge gained by the mentor and not apply in any fashion to the work done by the protégé or mentee.

Literature review

A participant may review academic literature on a specified topic and submit a written summary. The summary could include critical comments and a plan for incorporating acquired information into professional practice


A participant may complete a commercially produced self-study.



Steps to apply for and conduct an Independent Study:

  1. Decide what activity you would like to do using the categories above to help you. Consider the following as you plan your activity: What do you want to do and how will it benefit your work? Why do you want to do this activity? What are your specific goals? How will you accomplish these goals? How will you show what you have learned? How much time will the activity involve?
  2.   Contact tridcmp@gmail.com to discuss your ideas. TRID’s CMP Coordinator will help you work out a plan for what you would like to learn, the type of documentation required and the number of CEUs you can earn. You will be asked to respond in writing to a few questions to help map out what you will be doing. Keep in mind that a maximum of 2.0 CEUs can be awarded for each Independent Study.
  3.  Fill out the Independent Study Plan. For guidance in filling out this form and writing specific and measurable goals, refer to the independent study supplemental material. Once completed, the CMP will sign and approve the independent study plan and send it back to you with the date. That date is when you can officially begin the activity. Work done prior to this approval date cannot earn CEUs.
  4.    Keep a log of the time you spend on each part of the activity. When you finish the activity submit the time log as well as all agreed upon information outlined in the IS plan (particularly under numbers 2 and  3 of the plan). The sponsor will review this material to ensure that it meets the goals outlined in the IS plan.
  5.  When both parties are satisfied that the project has been completed in accordance with the IS plan, the sponsor will fill out the IS activity report and submit all necessary documentation to process CEUs.

For additional instructions, please refer to the Independent Study Guidelines for participants or contact Tridcmp@gmail.com for more information.

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