Tennessee Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Sponsor Initiated Activities

Sponsor Initiated Activities are educational activities such as workshops, conferences,
supervision sessions and other events whose CEUs are directly sponsored by an RID affiliated
organization like TRID. Both TRID members and non-members can participate in Sponsor
Initiated Activities. If you would like to organize a sponsor initiated activity, complete and
submit the following items at least 45 days prior to the activity to tridcmp@gmail.com.

  1. Fill out Sponsor Initiated activity Plan Form  from “Activity Title” to “Ending
    time for activity”. CMP Sponsor will fill in the rest.

  2. Fill out the Instructor Form.  Make sure to use measurable and specific
    educational objectives and refer to this form for assistance.

  3. Instructor's Resume, CV or Bio-can be added to the second page of the instructor form
    or provided to the CMP sponsor in PDF or word format

  4. Promotional Materials (brochure, flyer, registration form, etc. (PDF or JPEG preferred)
    see detailed promotional material guidelines and requirements from RID below

  5. Educational Agenda / Handouts/ PowerPoint

  6. Once the above is received, the CMP sponsor will inform you of the next steps. For a
    complete list of instructions and forms see Sponsor Initiated Activity Complete Instructions and Checklist.

Promotional Material/Flyers/Advertisements Guidelines

  1. The RID CMP and ACET logo. Copies of the logos will be provided for the RID Sponsor and may be reduced or enlarged to fit the design of the promotional materials.
  2. The exact phrase "TRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This (General Studies / Professional Studies) program is offered for # CEUs at the (little/none, some, extensive, teaching) Content Knowledge Level." 
    • Edit the text to indicate if it is General Studies or Professional Studies
    • Indicate the number of CEUs being offered
    • Indicate what content knowledge level the workshop is being taught at (the
      knowledge level of the participants)
  3. Information on the educational objectives of the activity. This can come directly from
    the instructor form or be a condensed version.
  4. Information on the refund/cancellation policy OR a link/QR code to the complete policy
  5. The target audience, as described in the Activity Plan
  6. A statement soliciting requests for reasonable accommodations from potential
  7. A statement identifying the policies on non-discrimination and promoting an

TRID Mission Statement

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. promotes excellence in the delivery of interpreting services among diverse users of signed and spoken languages through professional development, networking, advocacy, and standards.

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