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PINRA (Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities)



Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRAs) are activities an interpreter/transliterator wishes to attend which are not offered by an RID approved Sponsor. These can be workshops or courses in other disciplines, auditing college courses, association or corporate trainings (e.g. American Bar Association, Social Work Association etc), or other non-RID sponsored events. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with specific known standards and must have a specific format, educational objectives and purpose Additionally, PINRA forms and information must be filled out, submitted to tridcmp@gmail.com and approved by the CMP Sponsor BEFORE the event. Please send the PINRA information listed below 30 days, but no less than 14 days prior to the event you wish to attend:


  1. Fill out PINRA formFill out the first section of the form stopping after the line with “participant signature”. If you do not know the content area to select or CEU total, feel free to leave this blank and the CMP Sponsor will discuss this with you to add to the form.
  2. Provide supporting material such as event/course registration, agenda of event/course, learning objectives for the event/course, and other supplemental information such as brochures, flyers or website information.
  3.  If the application to interpreting is unclear, please provide a response to the following questions listed here

Once you have sent this information, TRID CMP will work with you to determine the amount of CEUs awarded  for the event and how to prove attendance/participation at the event.


IMPORTANT: ** Proof of attendance, preferably in the form of a certificate of attendance is required. If you are concerned about your ability to obtain this, please reach out to tridcmp@gmail.com about an alternative proof of attendance pathway before you attend the event**


AFTER attending the PINRA event, attendees must provide proof of attendance materials to CMP within 10 days of the event. Please see PINRA instruction form for more detailed information (PINRA Instruction Form and Checklist)

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